Art Basel Hong Kong 2019



Star Gallery is pleased to announce that the solo exhibition of the Pulitzer-prize-winning photojournalist Mr. Liu Heung Shing, titled A Life in a Sea of Red, will be part of the Insights sector of Art Basel in Hong Kong 2019. The solo show includes iconic photographs of two of the most momentous stories of the 20th century, the rise of China and the collapse of the Soviet Union. As a photographer, Liu’s philosophy is to explore, unravel, and reveal the complexity of grand narratives, the flaws and frailty, the misnomers and duplicity at work within societies living under the reach of a communist ideology. From China to Russia, taking daily life as a litmus of the time, Liu’s photographs reveal the impact ideology has upon ordinary people and the social mien. For the viewer, his photographs provide a sense of presence and immediacy. As he documents the process of reform and collapse, we see the impact upon the urban and cultural landscape. Together, in juxtaposition for the first time, these two bodies of work reveal his distinctive personal aesthetic.