The Lost Diary of Beijing



In Chinese, 京畿 ( Jing-ji ) means a country’s capital and its environs, and here it refers to Beijing, the capital of People’s Republic of China, as well as its vicinity. The exhibition will be featuring works from 12 artists, including Cai Dongdong, Iida Yuko, Huang Yuxing, Ni Jun, Pang Kuan, Peng Lei, Tang Meng, Tong Tianqing, Wang Yifan, Wen Ling, Wu Chi-Tsung, and Zhang Hui, who have various connections with Beijing. They were so close to the city that most of them either were born here or have stayed for a long time. Homing its artists, so to speak, the exhibition will take the audience into a dream journey to the memories, realities and fantasies of Beijing.