Yan Cong: Collage



In the past few years, comic artist Yan Cong has periodically avoided familiar techniques, choosing to venture out from the drawing medium for computer, canvas, scissors, glue, needle and thread. This is very much like machine thinking, initializing at a set time to update the system, never for one moment sluggish. Perhaps owing to the mentality of being a comic artist, Yan Cong is least interested in the material aspect of his art (authenticity), rather concerned with whether he is or isn't within a responsive mindset.

The most intuitive outpour during the cut and paste process is that of colors, which have a more pervasive appeal. Truly satisfying colors should not be mixed, once mixed, color’s emotional spell is reduced; thus what is is, and what isn't isn't. The colors depicted by cut and paste cannot be achieved in painting; colors can only be encountered, they cannot be planned. Cut and paste makes the physical process of creation into a process of imagination and anticipation, that is to say a process with one's eyes closed. Yan Cong's cut and paste makes viewers itch to try it out for themselves, for it all seems so simple to simply open one’s heart. He has allowed us to see with warmth, comfort, security, joy, and humor, a unburdened vision that speaks to soul. (by Zhou Yi)