Les mômes



Star Gallery is pleased to present “Les mômes”, Sun Manon’s first solo project, from 15th January to 28th February 2023. In her series of paintings, the artist’s uncommon use of ordinary materials can be seen. The soft, transparent PVC tablecloths, which can be easily cleaned, serve both as a material support for the brushstrokes made by colored paper, crayons, and acrylics, and as a protective layer for coating and storing the dynamics of the depicted figures. The ten-meter scrolls, completed by laying flat on the floor rather than on an easel, integrated the spatial and improvised nature of mural painting, canvas painting, and graffiti in terms of working methods. Sun Manon attempts to escape the convention and education system of painting through the directness and experimentation of materials, especially the standard painting process from draft to finish. Meanwhile, she focuses her interest in capturing the emotional switches of children, shaping the elusive mental activities that arise when they are placed in social situations. “Les mômes” is a mid-ground created by the artist through the language of painting and the juvenile perspective of the rules played in the adult world.

Miao Zijin is an independent curator. She was born in Wuxi, China in 1990, currently based in Beijing. She studied at London College of Communication (BA Creative Advertising Strategy) and Goldsmiths, University of London (MFA Curating). She worked at LEAP magazine and Taikang Space. Her research interests include art production and circulation in the post-medium condition in relation to digital infrastructure, alternative spaces and self-organization. She treats curatorial practice as a site-specific testing ground which deals with power relations, especially the technology of governance and the politics of display.

Miao Zijin’s recent curatorial projects include: “Perfect Partner in the Near Future” (Yuelai Art Museum, Chongqing, 2022); “Emotional Autonomous Region: When Crypto sets Funeral & Wedding”(Gallery Func, Shanghai, 2022); “Creatures of the Air”(MadeIn Gallery, Shanghai, 2022); “Admission Free” (Star Gallery, Beijing, 2021); “Boomerang [Attention! The Show Goes On]” (9th OCAT Biennale, Shenzhen, 2021); “JIMEI ARLES Discovery Award [A Forensic Play: Act I Tao Hui / A Never Ending Search for Connectivity & Act II Tant Zhong / At the Threshold of Visibility]” (Three Shadows, Xiamen, 2021); “The Comfort Zone at A Distance”(Taikang Space, Beijing, 2018); “Shared Narrative(s)” (realized in four chapters, ShanghART S-Space, Beijing, 2018); “Paul McCarthy's Lounge” (M WOODS, Beijing, 2018); “I Do (Not) Want To Be Part Of Your Celebration” (Qiao Space & TANK Shanghai Project Space, Shanghai, 2017).