Spook in Hot Pot



Star Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Teppei Kaneuji’s Solo Exhibition “Spook in Hot Pot” on April 8, 2017. This exhibition will present numerous series of his works, so as to demonstrate a thorough development path of his art.


The title of the show “Spook in Hot Pot” is closely related to the artist’s first impression of Beijing, as well as a metaphor of his collage-like methodology. Hot pot, as one of the most popular cooking methods in China, gathers all diners around the pot, dipping different kinds of food ingredients in the boiling soup, and forming all kinds of new combinations at liberty. For Teppei Kaneuji, this is very similar to his methodology of collecting and collaging. He is fascinated of collecting all kinds of objects in his daily life or during his travels, and assembling them into unique artworks by reinventing the complicated relationship between images and experiences, matter and space etc., and achieving the final exhibition effect in accordance with the time and physical space.


As for Teppei Kaneuji’s impression of Beijing, either the street scenes or the people, are forever changing. He, therefore, creates a surreal “floating in the air” atmosphere for this exhibition, through artworks including almost all his major series, from best know “White Discharge”, “Teenage Fan Club”, “Model of Unknown Stage”, “Games, Dance, and the Constructions”, to recent “Ghost in the Liquid Room”, “Myth in the Invisible Space”, and “Hard Boiled Daydream”. During his preparation of the show, he has collected unique objects in Beijing and completed his latest work of “Smoke and Fog”. His new work “Beijing Billboard”, the biggest in size (400×360cm) and the first time on aluminum board from “Games, Dance, and the Constructions” series, will be shown for the first time.


As a continuation of the exhibition philosophy from his solo show Deep Fried Ghost at Jane Lombard Gallery in New York, and Sweet Pickled Phantom at One and J. Gallery in Seoul in 2015, this time, Teppei Kanueji’s solo show is titled as Spook in Hot Pot, which is originated from his finding in Beijing: “My inspirations are mostly related to cities, a kind of man-made landscapes. I am intrigued by seeing things all mingled together. No matter it is Tokyo, Beijing or Hong Kong, for me, it is one big collage .”