Lakeside Scenery



tar Gallery is pleased to announce Xu Maomao's solo exhibition “Lakeside Scenery” will open on Sunday, November 4, 2018 at the Lal Lal Estate in Victoria, Australia. The theme of the exhibition "Lakeside Scenery" is taken from a painting of the same name that Xu Maomao completed during her residency.


The exhibition will consist of the 14 latest works produced by Xu Maomao during her stay in the Lal Lal Estate. In addition to acrylic paintings, it will also include watercolours and three-dimensional works made of wood collected locally. The three-month life on the farm has brought a calming experience for Xu Maomao. “Except for the sound of the birds, the sheep and the wind; every day is exceptionally quiet. There are no distracting thoughts. Life is very simple. The whole farm is very big yet there are few people, my works created here are inspired by that feeling of nothingness and realisation of human insignificance. Through this I reflect on a more simple and pure me.”


In her new works, Xu Maomao has thrown away her usual concerns in terms of colour, and become more and more free flowing. “The weather at the farm changes rapidly. One second it might be a clear sky, the next second may be a downpour. The colour is different every moment. It is difficult to catch it, but the change gives people continuous stimulation.” The most direct change brought about by this is that her colour is more clear. Everything under the Australian sky is so vivid, and the bright yellow colour that appears in almost every piece of work is also due to the strong sunshine in Australia. Perhaps it is the intense Australian sun that is most evident in her personal experience?


The exhibition will be held in the stables on the estate which are the oldest buildings on the property, built in 1858.